3D Custom Made Lettering, Logos, Emblems, Decals & Badges

PIDPLATE products are used in a variety of industries such as: Automotive – Promotional – Consumer Packaging – Outdoor Durable Goods – Appliances – Medical Equipment – Law Enforcement – Industrial Equipment & Packaging – Office Equipment – Marine – Electronics – Recreation & Exercise Equipment.


The noblest and highest quality form of individual identification.

With the high-quality injection molding technique, we give your 2D logo a new three-dimensional shape, individually according to your wishes.

PIDALU logos

Elegant 3D look thanks to embossed aluminium

Manufactured from 0.5-0.8mm thick aluminum plates. These plaques are embossed, stamped and lacquered, resulting in a high quality and extremely durable product.


Fine elegance with a brilliant look.

PIDCHROME is ideal for the finest three-dimensional lettering and logos.

Filigree, high-precision lettering and symbols made of chrome-plated metal – without tool costs.


Email us your type of application, artwork, size, color and quantity, and we will email your our free quote and 3D artwork impression.