Perfect in form and function can be ordered from one piece

Efficient advertising for your homepage!

Bring more visitors to your homepage with your PIDPLATE!

Promoting a website can be quite time consuming and expensive. Internet advertising has to be outstanding in order to stand out from the many other homepages on the web.


PIDPLATES Letters are a stylish, exclusive, effective and inexpensive form of personalized advertising.

PIDPLATES Letters are galvanically chrome-plated plastic letters, manufactured using the injection molding process (Made in Europe) and are identical to the vehicle type lettering. That is why PIDPLATES are also highly resistant to any environmental influences. Sun, rain and snow cannot harm them.

PIDPLATES Letters can be used to label vehicles, shop windows, exclusive products, machines and be used vm. With simple installation and unlimited service life, they can still be removed without leaving any residue.

Customize the text of your PIDPLATES to include homepage addresses, email addresses, company and product names, slogans, phone numbers, made-up names, club names, and vm to apply

product features

  • 3-dimensional
  • Electroplated chrome plating
  • Unmissable, effective advertising
  • Individual lettering
  • Universal applicability
  • easy assembly (peel and stick)
  • Delivery within 2-3 working days
  • Meets automotive standards
  • Easy online ordering
  • Can be ordered from one piece

PIDPLATES Letters never stop promoting you.

PIDPLATES Letters are an inexpensive solution to bring more visitors to your homepage. Finally an attractive and exclusive type of advertising that really works! Noble, cheap and stylish. Custom made, thousands of drivers and pedestrians see this extraordinary way of advertising with the company name, the product, the homepage, the e-mail address, the telephone number or whatever is to be communicated to the people.

PIDPLATES are mostly attached to cars for good visibility. But there are also other places where PIDPLATES are used: taxis, buses, trucks, boats, in the office, on computers, on laptops, on shop windows, on walls, on filing cabinets, in cloakrooms, on mailboxes – POSSIBILITIES WITHOUT LIMITS!

PIDPLATES are injection molded from the same high quality material as most car manufacturers’ branding. The individual characters are then galvanically chrome-plated so that rain, snow and sun cannot harm you. A requirement for the design was that PIDPLATES should look like they belonged to the original equipment. Many think they look better.

The appearance of PIDPLATES enhances your image and presents you in an exclusive way, no matter where you are with your vehicle. PIDPLATES not only look very classy and exclusive, but also their purpose, namely advertising, comes into its own.

How to order PIDPLATES Letters:

Order your PIDPLATE through our secure online ordering service, where we accept Paypal, Master Card, or Visa. You can also pay by bank transfer.

As soon as the amount is credited to our account, your PIDPLATE will be made especially for you.

PIDPLATES costs: € 59.00 per piece plus shipping costs.
If you would like to order more than 5 PIDPLATES , please contact us, we will be happy to make you a special offer!