Chrome meets Emotion. Elegance in shiny appearence.


  • Quality 3D letters, logos and emblems.
  • Filigree, high-precision lettering, logos and emblems.
  • Custom-made shapes, forms and colors.
  • 3-Dimensional
  • Galvanically chromed
  • Heavy duty, real metal


Technical specifications

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Vibrant Chrome for an elegant and sophisticated appearance.

3D PIDCHROME is ideal for the smaller and refined applications of 3D logos, emblems, badges and lettering.
Filigree and precise custom-made durable lettering and logos

Just ask!

We will gladly offer a quote for your custom 3D emblem. Just email us your high-resolution 3D artwork file, emblem size, colors and quantity. With your quote you will receive a 3D art impression file of what your emblem will look like. This can include different options so that you get a good understanding of the possibilities available.