FAQ Logos


PIDPLATES ar a trusted brand of promotional tools. Try our stylish, unique and cost effective 3D marketing, advertising, sales and promotional emblems, logos, decals, lettering and badges.

In order to make you a quote we do need the following:

  • Emblem size
  • Emblem quantity
  • Emblem Form / style: Free standing or badge
  • Emblem color(s): Chrome (brushed or shiny), Pantone, HKS or RAL.
  • High resolution artwork file (AI, EPS or PDF is preferred) otherwise JPG with high resolution

We will process your request and have it checked by our specialists to make sure all is according to your requirements. After confirmation you will also receive a specially made 3D artwork impression file of your emblem in addition to your quote. You approve of our artwork file of your emblem before production begins.

Logistics / Order

You place your order according to our quote. Payment for all orders are in advance. Within 5 days after payment we will email you our artwork file of your emblem, logo or badge for your approval. After your approval of our artwork file we will release the emblem for production. Once we receive the release confirmation the order production is planned. Delivery time is approximately 4 to 5 weeks after your approval of our artwork file. Shorter delivery time depends on current production volumes.

Sample production

In order to make a 2D logo into a 3Dlogo there is always a custom mold required. To make any samples all components are needed, including the mold. See your quote. Therefore we are forced to charge you for your own samples. Most customers do not receive samples first. In most cases, sample production is only requested by large corporations with orders of 5000 or more emblems.