When superior quality, flexibility and small details are required.



3D stylish and high quality custom made chrome car lettering.


Emblems and logos made from flexible weather resitstant material, custom made in any color and any shape.


Aluminum embossing for a refined and unparalled 3D look.


Flexible and extremely durable 3D doming emblems and logos.


For small and precise lettering and symbols in chromed metal.



High-quality, detailed and flexible


  • Flexible and weather-resistant material
  • Available in all Pantone, HKS or RAL colors
  • Made based on your artwork/shape
  • Suitable for textile applications via hot melt adhesive (HMA)
  • Available in small quantities.
  • Cost-efficient, one time only, mold cost.
  • Meets all automotive standards and requirements

High-quality, stylish, flexible and very durable.

PIDFLEX logos are made of flexible and weather-resistant polyurethane material with a transparent protective film. They can be mounted on vehicles and other surfaces, meet all automotive standards and perform flawlessly in all weather conditions.
PIDFLEX 3D logos are custom-made to your shape, size, color and quantity requirements.

Due to the low mold cost, PIDFLEX logos and emblems are also available in small quantities.

Technical specifications


Just ask!

We will gladly offer a quote for your custom 3D emblem. Just email us your high-resolution 3D artwork file, emblem size, colors and quantity. With your quote you will receive a 3D art impression file of what your emblem will look like. This can include different options so that you get a good understanding of the possibilities available.

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