Make your CAR your business CARD with 3D chrome plated  letters, numbers and symbols!


3D stylish and high quality custom made chrome car lettering.


Promote your business 24/7. Any text, any length.


An exclusive and unique way to promote your business!


3D stylish and high quality custom made chrome car lettering.


Emblems and logos made from flexible weather resitstant material, custom made in any color and any shape.


Aluminum embossing for a refined and unparalled 3D look.


Flexible and extremely durable 3D doming emblems and logos.


For small and precise lettering and symbols in chromed metal.



Perfect in form and application

Highly visible promotion for your home page!




  • 3 Dimensional (3D)
  • Galvanic chrome plated
  • Customized lettering
  • All fonts available
  • Easy to order
  • Universally applicable
  • Highly visible, effecitive advertising
  • 10 year warranty
  • Customize your text
  • Easy to apply
  • Delivery within 4 to 5 business days (PIDPLATES Lettering)
  • For the lettering of all kinds


PIDPLATES offer a stylish, exclusive and economical form of personalized advertising. The look and quality Our 3D letters, numbers and characters are equal and often better than car type designation and brand signs used by car manufacturers.

PIDPLATES are galvanic chrome plated plastic manufactured via a so called “injection molding” process and are identical to the KFZ type designations. PIDPLATES are highly resistant to any environmental influences. They won’t be damaged by sun, rain, snow, ice or any other weather conditions.

Besides car lettering PIDPLATES can be used for many other purposes such as: lettering on store displays, on store windows, on exclusive products and as signage on machinery. The quick and easy application and the nearly indefinite product life cycle combined with the simple removal without damage remains a great feature and advantage of PIDPLATE Lettering.

Determine the text of your PIDPLATE to advertise your domain name (URL), email address, company or product name, service, etc. etc.

An efficient advertisement for your homepage!


Getting visitors to your home page can be time consuming and costly. When promoting your homepage your advertising must stand out from all the others. 3D custom made free standing PIDPLATES are a cost effective way to get more visitors to your website.

Finally an attractive and unique way to advertise and promote that really works! Stylish, affordable and manufactured according to the customers own specifications, thousands of fellow motorists, pedestrians will take notice if this new and stylish promotional and creative sales tool.


PIDPLATES never stop to advertise for you.


High visibility PIDPLATES are used on high end vehicles as well as  taxis, busses, trucks, recreational vehicles (RV’s), boats, in offices, on walls, filing cabinets, dressing rooms, mailboxes and many other applications.

PIDPLATES attract maximum attention due to exclusive and unique design.



PIDPLATES are manufactured via an injection molding process. They are made from the same material as most car type designation and brand signs used by car manufacturers. After the injection molding process all characters / emblems are galvanic chrome plated to assure PIDPLATES withstand any kind of weather and conditions. A condition for the design of PIDPLATES is that the appearance and quality are at least equivalent or better compared to the car signs used by car manufacturers. Many find PIDPLATES look better.

Each letter / character is tested and lasts for the life of your car.

PIDPLATES 3D custom made car lettering enhances your professional image wherever you drive or park. It’s a sophisticated way to promote or advertise.

Efficient advertising for your homepage!



Technical specifications


How to order PIDPLATES:

Order your PIDPLATES online via our secure ordering site. We accept: Pay Pal an Credit Card.

The cost per PIDPLATE is US $ 69.00 (€ 59.00 / USD 69.00 / CHF 65.00 / £ 49.00) each. Plus $ 7.95 S&H. Cost US $ 69.00 Plus $ 7.95 S&H

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When you order 5 or more PIDPLATES please contact us for your volume discount. Also contact us when you want to order one or more PIDPLATES with each 22 or more characters since these can not be ordered via our site.